The Weight of Lightness


Karine Galstyan

Crafters : Artyom Sargsyan

Technician: Pol Olory

Programmer: Artur Yesayan

3D printing skeleton, metal wires, brass, coton, tulle, 4 vibrating engines, infrared sensor, Arduino UNO, Arduino language.


The Weight of Lightness is a dancing ballerina constructed as an earring. This ballerina is a fat woman, whose body is a sculpture that consists of a structure of  iron wires, dressed with brass parts and tulle.

The sculpture is built on top of a 3D printing skeleton. It is animated with vibrating engines that move different parts of the body.

In a quiet, ambient surrounding, the ballerina begins to dance subtly as if to music inside of her head. In a noisy atmosphere, the ballerina becomes still. Each time the ballerina hears a loud, disturbing noise, such as people shouting, she has an ungraceful, awkward reflex.

Karine Galstyan uses the image of the fat ballerina, contrasting her weight with her internal lightness and harmony, to express the opposition of external form and internal truth and to transcend the primacy of external appearance by fostering a deeper awareness of the other.