Master class in Gyumri (Armenia)  11-20 July 2014





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Organized by LUYS Fondation, in partnership with Living Art Lab Paris

In our shifting globalized world, the factors for a successful economy have dramatically changed. The world of information technology has moved rapidly into an economy that makes full use of people’s creative capacity.  In this new knowledge economy, the merging of arts and technology is increasingly crucial.  Living Art, also referred to as Living Design or Responsive Environment, is a burgeoning field that uses artificial intellect to create interactive works of art, bridging digital technologies and more traditional art forms.  Using embedded algorithms, Living Art allows one to interact with the surrounding environment and deliver a customized message to the public based on the observer’s movement, facial expressions, and point of observation.  The interactive behavior algorithms can also be used for practical, everyday purposes in various fields. Living Jewelry is a branch of Living Arts, a new field of decorative applied arts that brings together various high-level skills, including jewelry making and design, as well as the fields of microelectronics and high technologies.

The Luys Foundation seeks to create and unite a generation of critical, creative thinkers by increasing the number of Armenian students attending the world’s leading universities and providing financial support, as well as mentoring eligible students. Additionally, the foundation seeks to build an infrastructure that harvests the knowledge, experience and connections of the Luys students and offers programs that support the transition from academic to real-world achievement for Armenia’s benefit.

The Luys Foundation has taken the first steps in transforming the deep-rooted artistic culture and tradition of Gyumri into a modern-day economy through the Living Art movement.  In realizing its vision to transform Gyumri into a Living Art hub, Luys is supporting a series of master classes directed by collaborators Florent Aziosmanoff, author, researcher and producer of Living-Art and founder of the Living Art Lab Paris whose seminal work drives the field of Living Art, and Pol Olory, renowned scenographer, set designer, and visual artist. The team selected highly talented artists, jewelers programmers, and 3D modelers to take part in the first master class at the Gyumri Art Academy. Artists and technologists paired up over the course of a week to create prototypes of Living Jewelry. In the long-term, the team will continue to inspire and recruit more artists and technologists with the larger goal of continuing master classes on a regular basis.

This new digital industry has taken the world by storm, and there is a great demand worldwide to experience knowledge and information in a new, responsive way.  Gyumri, the arts capital of Armenia, already has the necessary human resources to embrace the Living Art industry.  It has a number of artists, IT specialists, and creators capable of developing this innovative economy and willing to establish collaborations with one another.  Through Living Art, Gyumri has the potential to be transformed into a vibrant center for creating and manufacturing products for the world market. In utilizing the co-creative capacity of the community, Gyumri can put itself on the map and greatly contribute to its economic development, ultimately reinventing itself as the new economy capital of the Caucasus region.