Taking Flight


Ashot and Mamikon Mikaelyan

Crafters: Ashot and Mamikon Mikaelyan

Technicians: Ashot and Mamikon Mikaelyan,

Programmers: Aram Hovhannisyan, Tamara Hovhannisyan

Brass, 3 LEDs, 2 vibrating engines, ultrasonic sensor, Arduino UNO, Arduino language


Taking Flight is a large, asymmetric necklace made with brass. The composition consists of a delicate butterfly placed at the center of a landscape of leaves surrounding it.

Three LEDs spread throughout the leaves emit a soft pulsing of light that fades from almond green to cobalt blue and deep purple. This happens as long as observers stay at a distance.

When an observer comes close to the wearer, synchronize them lighting. If this person stays for a while and remains calm the butterfly begins to take flight by flapping its wings.

Using the metaphor of the butterfly taking flight, Ashot and Mamikon Mikaelyan express that we can all realize our dreams when we sincerely consider and believe in one another.