Breath of the Stone


Vahagn Ghukasyan

Crafter: Hamlet Grigoryan

Technician: Rafayel Heqimyan

Programmers: Aram Hovhannisyan, Tamara Hovhannisyan

Stones, 10 Vibrating engines,, 10 LEDs, microphone, Arduino UNO, Arduino language.


Breath of the Stone is a necklace made of ordinary stones with a pendant in the center. This pendant consists of an arrangement of four smaller stones.

Each of the smaller stones is animated by micro-movements and vibrations that cause the arrangement to produce a clicking sound. A light coming from ten tiny LEDs placed in the center of the pendant pulses in different ways.

The pendant is sensitive to its environment. The stones stay calm when the surrounding atmosphere is crowded and noisy, but, when it’s quiet, they awake to produce soft movements that emanate their delicate song. When someone approaches the wearer, lights are emitted that give off a breathing pulse.

Breath of the Stone uses ordinary stones to express the soul of the Armenian land. According to Vahagn Ghukasyan, behind this rough material, there lives a spirituality that comes to life only for those who pay attention to it and approach it with a peaceful mind.