Tatev Hartenyan

Crafter: Vardan Qartashyan

Technician: Pol Olory

Programmer: Artur Yesayan

Glass, brass, silver, 1 LED, TFT screen, ultrasonic sensor, capacitive sensor, Arduino UNO, Arduino language


Harmony is a large, square pendant consisting of silver, glass and a TFT screen. Its structure combines solid colors and abstract shapes.

Invisible LEDs behind the pendant produce white light that animate the structure, and abstract drawings appear on the screen.

The pendant is sensitive to the aesthetic atmosphere of both its environment and its wearer. Depending on the color and the rhythm of its surroundings, the pendant reacts to balance the aesthetic mood.

Tatev Hartenyan uses the metaphor of balance and harmony of the aesthetic surrounding environment by having the pendant influence the balance and harmony in human relationships over time through its behavior.