071514_0661Karine Galstyan was born on 1991. Artist.  Karine has graduated from Gyumri branch of Academy of fine Arts. Has taken part in different exhibitions organized in Gyumri.



4. Vahagn GukasyanVahagn Ghukasyan was worn on 1987.  In 2010 graduated from Gyumri branch of Yerevan State Academy of Arts and star to work there as an “Composition” lecturer and “History of foreign art” lecturer. He take part in many local and international exhibitions and festivals. He is also curator of Gyumri Contemporary Art Center and Gyumri contemporary art museum.



Tatev HartenyanTatev Hartenyan was born on 1985. 2001-2006 studied at Gyumri branch of Yerevan State Academy of Arts in Fashin desigh department. From 2006 working at the same institution as an Fashion design department lecturer. She organized several exhibitions, fashion shows in Fine art academy, and take part in different local and international exhibitions.



Tatev Harutyunayn was born on 1990. 1998 graduated from “Yntanic”Art college. In 2013  with Luys foundation support take part on Haystack Art residency. In 2014 she graduated from  Gyumri branch of Yerevan State Academy of Arts. She take part in several international and regional exhibitions.


AshotAshot Mikayelyan, born on 28 May, 1987. Jeweler. Has graduated from Gyumri Branch of Academy of Fine Arts. A self-starter. He take part in different exhibitions.


15.Hamlet GrigoryanHamlet Grigoryan. Born on 1991. In 2008 Garaduated from Gyumri Pedagogical University – department of kinesiology.  From 2014 he is working at Gyumri Fine Art college N3 in as an Jewelry master.



071514_0641Artyom  Martirosyan. Born on 1981. Jeweler. Has graduated from SEUA Gyumri branch in the faculty of Standardization of Technologies. Has a 10-year experience in jeweling. Works at “Yntaniq” college as a jeweler-trainer.



071614_0825Mamikon Mikayelyan. Born on 1987. Jeweler. Has graduated from Gyumri Branch of Academy of Fine Arts. A self-starter.




Vardan  QartashyanVardan  Qartashyan. Born on 1980. Since 1998 has been working as a freelance jeweler. Over 10 years is specializing in professional jewelry.



18. Artem Sargsyan-2Artyom Sargsyan. Artyom has been a jeweler since early childhood. He followed the path of his father who used to be a goldsmith. He works with natural materials such as silver, bronze, leather, wood, natural stones, and other gifts of nature.



071614_0845Hovhannes Manukyan. Born on 1980. 3D designer-jeweler. Has graduated from SEUA Gryumri branch. Works as a lecturer at SEUA. General Director at Jewel Mod CJSC. Candidate of PhD. Correspondent member at Academy of Engineering RA.



071614_0839Elmira Poghosyan. Born on 1985. 3D designer-jeweler. Has graduated from Gyumri branch of SEUA. . Works as a modeling designer at Jewel Mod CJSC.



Anna SargsyanAnna Sargsyan. Born on 1982. 3D designer-jeweler. Has graduated from Yerevan Agricultural Academy. Works as a modeling designer at Jewel Mod CJSC.




Rafayel HeqimyanRafayel  Heqimyan. (Technician) Born on 1958. Engineer. Has graduated from Gyumri Branch of Yerevan Politechnical Institute. Has a very extensive experience in engineering and electronics. Works in Gyumrii Yntaniq center as a group-leader.



Aram HovhannisyanAram  Hovhannisyan. (Programmer) Born on 1996. Beginner in programming. Has graduated from High School of SEUA Gyumri Branch.



Tamara HovhannisyanTamara  Hovhannisyan. (Programmer)  Born on 1992, Programmer. Has graduated from Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute after Nalbandyan. Has an experience in C++ as an individual.



Sergey  Yeremyan. (Advisor)  Is a Radioelectronic engineer. Since 2009 works  at “Yntaniq” college as a group leader and as a Radioelectronic engineer at Shirak Airport.



Artur YesayanArtur Yesayan. (Programmer) Born on 1984. Programmer. Has graduated from YSU the faculty of Radiophysics. Has an extensive experience in hardware programming and hardware design engineering. Works as a programmer at Shirak Technologies.




Florent Aziosmanoff

Florent Aziosmanoff was born in 1957. He is a producer, author and theoretician in the field of digital art using artificial intelligence, he calls Living Art. Co-Founder of ART3000 (1988) and Le Cube (2001), the first Digital Art Centre in France, where he created the Creative Workshop. He directs the Living Art Lab in Paris. Fiction author in the field of living art, he has created “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge” (2002) and “The Garden of love” (2011), fiction systems using autonomous robots; “Time of Love”, living fiction (in progress). He specializes in digital art curator, and he is author of the book “Living art, digital art.” – Editions du CNRS, Paris, 2010. He is President of Florent Aziosmanoff Production.




Pol Olory was born in 1963; he lives and works in Mimizan, south of France. After spending the first twelve years of his life in Spain, he moved to France, passed his French Baccalaureate diploma (specialising in literature) and studied Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) for two years. He then went on to study at the Rouen Beaux Arts School for two years. From 2003 to 2005, he studied street performance at the Cité des Arts de la Rue in Marseille. As a scenographer and set designer, he creates sets, costumes and props for theatre and street performances. As a visual artist, he makes sculpture/machines from industrial, mechanical, electrical and electronic materials he salvages. He also performs in shows mixing urban actions and installations.
In recent years, he specializes in the field of Fablab and micro-mécratronique, carrying out initiation and training actions as well as production.




Elina Markaryan. (General project manager)



Levon FljyanLevon Fljyan (Project coordinator) is a curator and a contemporary artist working in different art medias. Graduate of Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Art Academy. He has presented his works in over 50 group exhibitions, festivals and biennials, curated more than 5 projects and had 10 solo exhibitions in Armenia and European countries. Levon has work experience in educational, cultural, creative and contemporary art institutions as workshop leader, head of a project, art therapist and designer. He also was a lecturer at Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Art Academy and the founder of RESTART contemporary art movement.

Lusine ArakelyanLusine Arakelyan. Born on 1982. Gyumri. English Language Specialist, Journalist. Has Graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University after Brusov. Has an extensive experience in translating and customer service. Works as a Shop Manager at Orange Armenia CJSC. Member of Orange Armenia Customer Experience Management. Orange Armenia Sales Staff Trainer.



Lilit Shamamyan




Hasmik Berdikyan. Born on 1988, Gyumri. Translator. Graduated from Yerevan State University and Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia. Staff member of “Renaissance” International contest-festival: responsible for media relations, translator.

Marianna Galstyan. Born on 1985, Gyumri. Translator. Has graduated from Gyumri State Pedagogical institute after Nalbandyan. Over 3 years of work experience in International Consulting Company (GITEC Consult GmbH) funded by German government (KfW development bank) (Armenia based). Extensive experience in translation.

Garnik Hakobyan. Born on 1987, Gyumri. Translator. Has graduated from Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute after Nalbandyan. Has worked as a translator at Alstom Grid company for two years. Extensive experience in translation.




071614_0819Viktoria Aleksanyan (website, photo and video). Victoria started as a journalist, working in a number of cultural magazines in Armenia, from 2007-2011. However, after graduating Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University and receiving an MA degree in journalism, Victoria’s professional path took a new, artistic direction. She joined an outdoor theater project in Norway as a blogger and a performer, and shortly after moved to New York to study Film at Columbia University. She is currently an MFA candidate, graduating in 2015. Victoria has written, directed and produced a number of short films.



071614_0855Grigori Enikolopov (website, photo and video). Born 1986, Moscow. Grigori is a photographer and designer based in Cambridge, MA. He studied philosophy of science at Wesleyan University and is currently a Master of Architecture candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a former program assistant of Project Basho in Philadelphia and the International Center of Photography in New York. When untethered by work and study, he builds boats and floats away.



Armine Marukyan (website)

Ani Jilozian (website)

Khachik Karamanoukian (feasibility study)